Sunday, March 13, 2011

Urut Batin : The General Procedure

I have local and overseas clients of all age groups, with both genders and multi races with their different religions respectively. So far I have no problem dealing with all of them since my approach is for all mankind. Due to the fact that I have recently made my Urut Batin therapy open for all those categories as mentioned above, hereby I will provide some details on the general procedure of the inner energy massage or well known as the Urut Batin. If the information is still not sufficient here, please read my earlier articles.

Where ever the venue is, I will come with my standard, common and comfy attire, and not naked while performing the massage as many would think so. This is not about sex, this is about therapy. From the start to the end I will still put my clothes on off course. If the client needs more privacy and also if by doing so, he/she can put more concentration on the massage positively or get more connected to the healing energy by the practitioner, his/her company can still be in the same room but some private space or section should be given to the client so that the session will run effectively. Upon consent by the client, I will sometimes bring along my student/s and he/she will be involved in the session too.

The client will have his/her bath treatment (lime/floral) first. I will provide some assistance in some cases just in case if the client initially needs to be relaxed and calmed. Having finished that, then the massage therapy will start. Optionally, the client will need to wear undergarments and a towel covering her from chest to thigh. For massage, I will simply use my fingers, knuckles, palms with aromatic massage oil to her body, adjusting to the client comfort level with bearable pain and of acceptable pressure to the body.

Firstly, the client will need to lie on the stomach and I will massage him/her starting at his/her back from head to toe, whereby all areas will be covered including the buttocks. When I found any problematic areas such as any irregular and blocked blood vessels, damaged tissues or problematic nerves that contain trapped wind or fluid (a mixture of fatty deposit, other liquid, damaged cells or tissues, toxin, negative energy and et cetera), I will put more massage concentration with positive energies on that particular areas until they soothes out and be healed. Thus healing process happens. I'll be communicating with him/her (if he/she wants it) throughout the session. Some of my clients prefer the other way round, whatsoever we will adjust to the best approach.

Secondly, he/she will lie on his/her back, and I will massage him/her again from head to toe, not missing any area including the genitals. In some cases, my female clients still wore their undergarments implying that their breasts and vagina's were not to be touched and this happened to male clients too, they were a bit shy to let their penises to be touch. My suggestion is that if we need help, then we should promote a feeling of openness to our thinking. Just like a male gynecologist who attends to a women or when she is delivering a child.  Professionally that is his job as a doctor and he knows about the topic. But as I mentioned earlier and in all my websites, I am not gay and will not do any gay activities and I am normal who have straight tendency  but I will not have sex with my female clients. Should I have done so, I have misused my professional position  as an energy healer and thus jeopardized my practice and trust by acting wrongly. I am still making sure that those will not happen.

My recommendation is that the client should remove all clothes because during the massage, all private areas will not be exposed unless necessary. We have extra towels for this purpose. My objective will be that the client will not feel inconvenient or uncomfortable at any moment of the session. I have many variations on my clients’ body postures that will just work with the massage I am giving. We will adopt what will be the best posture during the session.

This is my trademark therapy called the 'Urut Batin' which means the 'Inner Energy Massage'. We try to heal our body, mind and soul by this way. It can be very relaxing and will provide therapeutic experience for the client. It depends on how we accept and understand it. Some can even say it is just like or identical or close to any variation of sensual massage or even lingham/yoni massage but off course with no sex. Some will say that the Urut Batin is just ‘One Of Its Kind’, and by the way the client will make the judgement later.

And for sure, I just want to mention to you here, that those with high sex drive (high desire/libido) will easily get 'wet' and 'any uncontrolled release' will not actually intended or be the goal but if it happens then  it will be accepted as common when any erogenous/sensitive zones are touched/the client has uncontrolled sexual emotion. The condition is that it is not the intention or otherwise I am not willing to to the therapy.  When we (body, mind and soul) know how to control our sexual desire by not just focusing on the 'climax' or  'release' or 'discharge' for instance when we are having sex or massage, then we can master the long lasting  art.or the stamina.

I will just mention again that those treatable problems with Urut Batin are premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction, low sex drive, vaginal prolapse, trapped wind,  blood circulation problem, lymphatic drainage for release of toxins and unwanted fluid in the body, problematic nervous system, fatigue body and mind, apart of the virgin therapy (to become tight again), to relief stress, back pain and other emotional, mental or spiritual problems that have got to do with sexuality. My point is that whatever the name is, or approach is, our objective is simple : To Get To Know Ourselves Better Through Urut Batin.

I will share with the client some sexual tips, some recommendations and even some daily routine practice for his/her body, mind and soul health respectively. He/She will feel the positive changes (energy), and that is my intention at the 2nd level. When we can feel the energy, we are ready to go to the next level. At this stage it might be identical to the term 'Kundalini Energy' that comes from the lower spine and then move spirally up to the head. After that, there is more! I will explain the other level only to those who took the Urut Batin Therapy. Learning consistently one step at a time and follow the practitioner guideline might be the best and moderate way until we achieve our goal.

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