Monday, October 18, 2010

Urut Batin : An Energy Experience By A Friend

Here, I am very pleased to share with you an experience by a client and also a friend of mine from Canada. His religion is Christian and he had 'Urut Batin' with me recently. This will hopefully give some proof of the benefits of the therapy that we might have not seen. I will just copy and paste our actual conversations through chatting.

Friend : I don't recall if I told you already but, that night after you left, I went to sleep as usual and then, about 4 hours later woke with a trembling in my body. It was as though the vibrating energy that you finished with was affecting me all over. It was a bit similar to a caffeine dose on an empty stomach. No reoccurences since. Any thoughts?

Me : It has been and will always be my privilege to share what I have learnt and practiced in the world of self discoveries. I really thank to the almighty God for meeting us together, and certainly this will be the start point of our friendship in particular and our relationships to God in general. We have the core inside us ie the spirituality which is very close to God, regardless on however we have knew it or not. So our task is simply (and yet it may not be that simple) to reveal our spiritualities (note that now the expression is plural) that are trapped/prisoned inside our physical bodies that surely have the emotions or emotional beings. And if it's that simple as acclaimed by anyone who claimed it, how is it going to work? We have to make use of our thoughts (mental beings) to comprehend this. And truly speaking, one needs to believe (have faith) through his heart and also to think (have thought) through his brain, mind. Optionally one can simple use either of the 2 to construct a way to God. Aha this is weird/may not be weird.

This proves that we do have many routes to a final, fixed destination. It can be described as an emotional-spirituality transition phase and it happended due to the synchronization of your present energy with respect to God's energy. You know, birds of a feather flock together, and our spiritualites act that way too. I have heard with many experiences like you did and this is really amazing. Keep up with the breathing menthods we've shared with earlier and we're therefore on our very own journeys towards the emptyness. Some years ago, I think I did have the same experience as you did. I woke up in the middle of my sleep with the feeling of tremendous energy in my chest, and the vibrational energy has made me very calm although only God knew what it was like. I was hoping-expecting-surrendering myself to the weird occurence. I didn't know what happended until it was explained by my guru years later, as I got some progress with my self journey. Not that I had to prove myself to him so that he can give me some input, but just merely the time has come to tell the truth.

The truth is, please strive towards the kundalini energy( I use this terms as these are among the famous terms in the world). Many can talk and tell theories behind the kundalini energy but only a few can speak through experience. And for me, everything must be proven. The energy spark was as that you have experienced, and now just use the spark towards the peak. 

 Friend : I am still trying to figure out how to understand the depth of meaning in both Hinduism and Buddhism (and Islam) for that matter. I really feel that the closer I get to God, the more inadequate all religion's attempts to rationalize God feel.

Me:   Yes, certainly we can have MANY ROUTES to a destination. the following will be related to the previous chats. we use our 5 senses in order to know the meaning of EMPTYNESS. sight relates to eyes, hearing relates to ears, touch relates to movement, smell relates to nose and taste relates to mouth. we use our mouth to in many types of ritual we LISTEN to what we have recited. we use our nose for BREATHING. we use our hands as an example of MOVEMENT. for instance we may practise jujitsu as a method of synchronizing our movements to that of the pure movement, where we can find no defects and they can be reflected as form of arts. we use our sight to analyse what is to SEE out there. 

Just by applying the above examples, we can differentiate techniques that exist in the world. and they are actually leading to the existence of God. but first, how do we connect to God just by knowing the above facts? simple, it is just a matter of connecting our SPIRITUALITIES to God. what is our spiritualities and who is God?

So, what we've shared actually the reciting-hearing method and the breathing method, but we have not covered the movement and the sighting method yet. these are the 5 techniques that i use, regardless of the names we applied to them. and this answers on why we can have many routes in life, just to get connected to God, that is ABOVE ALL LIKENESS. or the state of emptyness. or the state where no states are like it.
Religion is a way to God. in a religion, we use our heart to believe, and so it may be called as sets of beliefs or FAITH. we use our brain to think, and so we have THOUGHT. one may use both, or simple choose either. aha this is very interesting indeed! this will be explored later and is related to all our discussions.

Regardless of how we call it, of how we name it, of ow we mention it, we just need to find our own ways to God. as a simple analogy, one can use a ship from India to Canada. one might just use  a jet. and one might just walk, yes and off course, through the continents and so on.

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