Sunday, August 29, 2010

Anal Sex

Most religions are against anal sex except of those found in Kamasutra whereby it's alright in some circumstances such as threesomes! This is also called as "sodomy", which includes various other transgressions of a sexual nature, whether with men, women or animals. This idea is vividly brought to life in the popular interpretation of the story of Sodom and Gomorrah so far as Abrahamic religions are concerned, where the people were prone to sexual immorality, and as a result were destroyed. There are conflicting views as to why Sodom was destroyed. Yet for some men, anal sex can yield more tactile pleasure for the penis, the anus is believed (by them) to being tighter than the vagina.

Why men prefer to have anal sex even though the risk is high for the giver and staggeringly higher for the receiver? I think that they just don't know the actual facts by ignoring their mind capabilities of reasoning, judging and rationalizing. Things can be somehow a bit messy in most cases though, you know what I meant off course. A dumping ground is where the rubbish or mess is available. Analogically, putting a playground at a dumping ground is not rationally a good idea. And that is why a dumping ground will always not be a playground even though it is cleaned when you need to play! For hygienic reasons, they use enemas or anal douches, be taken prior to anal masturbation. But using enemas too frequently can lead to a physical dependence on them in order to have a bowel movement, however.

Here we can see that emotional factors have won in the plight of finding the pleasure through just anal sex. Their emotions will suggest them that anal sex sounds "dirty" and many people wanted to try something new out, just for the sake of being egoistic in the matter. But why not fix the loose vaginal problem in the first place?

The attitude of men/women towards anal sex is rather diverse. SOme women find it very pleasing and even prefer it to vaginal intercourse while others consider it painful or uncomfortable, . Even with a condom and lubricant, the objective medical risks of being anally penetrated outweigh the subjective pleasure. In heterosexual encounters, the risk to the receiver is greater than the risk for the giver. Many believed that anal sex is held to carry a very low risk of unwanted pregnancy when not accompanied with vaginal intercourse, and in some populations is frequently used as a means of contraception, often in the absence of a condom. Still I think, emotional factors have won again this way. On the other hand,a man may also be anally penetrated by a woman using a strap-on dildo to anally penetrate a man. This is referred to as pegging. The woman will act as she is enjoying it, but rather in the emotional way, not physically though she might looked like it. And as usual the probability of a getting an infection at least or tear and further internal bleeding that will surely produce any disease, can occur in the anus of the receiver.

Anal sex is taking place in a climate of reduced sex education and fewer educational media outlets, leading to a lowered awareness of the health risks involved. Yes, we need to be physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually healthy. For example, many are not aware that the risk of injury during anal intercourse is many times higher than that during vaginal sex. Also, the risk for transmission of the HIV virus or any other Sexually Transmitted Disease (STD) is higher for anal sex than for vaginal sex. Apart from that physical damage to the rectum and anus can manifest as generalized ano-rectal trauma, hemorrhoids, anal
fissures and rectal prolapse. So guys, don't take the risk and please get back to the right path, way or track ok!

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