Friday, July 2, 2010

What actually is "Urut Batin"?

I write this very subject due to many queries on it. One may have heard of its pros and contras. Many also may have misinterpreted the "Urut Batin" terms such that it has something to do with any illegal escort services and massage parlours. I have also mentioned a little bit of it earlier Not to blame them, but in this case the actual term was misused and are being misused for such activities in order to attract visitors and victims, and by so it has got its place in people's mindset nowadays. In this short post however, I will try to clear matters up to everyone, from my points of view off course.

If translated to English, it is a massage to help improve one's virility in terms of stamina enhancement and penis enlargement, and to be younger and tighter again for women. For men, there will be no more issues on erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation. For women, more femininity off course. There will be no more loose vagina, bladder and vaginal prolapse problems. I will elaborate more on there in the near future. Even without the aid of any medications allopathically or homeopathically, it has proved for all the years that I have involved in treating many people, regardless of ethnics and religions. So what's the logic or secret behind the genuine therapy of the "Urut Batin"?

Well, in order to perform the "Urut Batin", one need to know the well known, proven technics that have been used by Qalbun Asrar practitioner and massage therapist. They are known as the Ilmu Nafas Asrar (Asrar Inner Power Breathing) and Ilmu Tangan Penyembuh Asrar (Asrar Healing Hands). From my humble opinion, they have almost met the state of perfection due to their track records so far. The special technics are actually taught for free for every session of the massage. Over the years, the technics have evolved and developed on their own paces, and have been later on concluded, named and taught to those who have the therapy session. Those who know these technics might not even realized that the others might not have the same variation or version as what they have. Again, why are there many variations of the technics? Shouldn't they be just the same? Simply, the knowledge is meant to blend well with one's personality and characteristics either physically, emotinally, mentally or spiritually. Then hopefully, with the correct mixture, the outcome will be at its best. For those who just need to be healed and get healthy again, they will get that. And for those who are still thirsty for more and have the curiosity in mind and heart, they can always learn from any of our our COURSES.

Here, I will always try to put everything in simple terms and words as far as I could. This is a very interesting question regarding knowledge. We know because we use our thought, which happened to be located in our brain and we use our heart to believe in something. But any application of our thought and belief to the things that we comprehend involves many levels or stages. Many at this point are still questioning on what am I getting at actually. It is acceptable to get blurred or to be confused, but one with a superior mind and heart, or thought and belief, will always be curious, will always question himself/herself and try to figure out the answers to almost everything, if I should say it this way. I will explain on why there exists so many levels of the "Urut Batin" and its knowledge in the following article.

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