Monday, July 12, 2010

The Levels Of Beliefs And Practicality In Urut Batin

Practical means that what we acquired through practice or action, rather than theory, speculation or just talk. On the other hand, we may have only theories, but have not yet been proven. If a person does that, then it implies he has not yet practice any of what he has mentioned. Neither he nor his speech will reflect what he said and at the end, it will be worthless as we can find many unproven theories on this earth. For instance, how do we practice the Ilmu Nafas Asrar (Asrar Power Breathing) or the Ilmu Tangan Penyembuh (Asrar Healing Hands) and ensure that they will work according to the objectives? Here we will discuss the consecutive “levels” further with regard to the “Urut Batin” respectively. So will this section be the description of the 1st level? Yes, you are 100% correct.

In order to comprehend the 2nd level, we will need to investigate more on real life cases or stories that we know by means of words of mouth, through the internet or by whatever means they might be. I am telling you a story as the following example. One day, a guy named John approached you and told that he was surrounded by a number of wild, fierce dogs at a nearby area. Thinking that they would attack and wound him, he remembered a survival phrase once told by a religious man to him. Then desperately, he recited the phrase “Ar Raqi” aloud to the beastly dogs, hoping that it would scare them off and save his life. Amazingly, with Gods power, they were instantly terrified and ran away in all directions. The hard-to-believe situation has increased John’s belief towards the application of the phrase because he has seen the result when using it. No one on this planet or universe would change or alter John’s mindset towards this matter since he has prove the usability and the end result of the phrase. This is an example of a belief we intend to achieve by means of a practice, and hence we may call the knowledge is practical. John has been to the 3rd level belief on the subject. If we belief the story then we are now at the 2nd level and further to achieve the next level when we have the chance to prove it, as John did.

The 3rd level is the proven level of any matters in concerned. One has met the truth of any knowledge or lesson he learnt. If those who practice the two Asrar knowledge have felt the variations of the energy with the aid of any of their known senses, namely the hearing, sight, taste, smell and touch including the thought and belief, then they have actually been to the 2nd level (This subject will also be discuss in the next article), so please be patient). The proof they need is just the result that will appear, in its own time with respect to their own visible or invisible bodies’ condition, and/or also as what has been earlier described and advised by the Qalbun Asrar practitioner. If they have become better, then that is the proof.

The 4th level will have the analogy of the sun and its sunshine, the Oneness and Above All Likeness of the deity named God in the seen and unseen UNIVERSE.

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