Wednesday, December 9, 2009

The Urut Batin Package

About 2.5 hrs duration
PLUS (what you will get)
a) A healed relaxed body
Even after the 1st Urut Batin treatment, you will definitely see the results, in most cases one will first experience the improvement in sexual stamina, apart from other benefits which may or may not be visible or detected. This is not an exaggerated statement because almost 100% of them said so. Why not you try it then?
b)Knowledge of Urut Batin
You will be taught on how to maintain an optimum blood circulation to the groin area generally and to the penis specifically. Furthermore, you will get our method of improving penis size (in length and in girth). To be noted at this stage, you do not have the permission or any approval by us to perform the Urut Batin to other people yet. You are encouraged to perform the Urut Batin to yourself as it will help to speed up the ‘growing’ process.
c)Knowledge of Inner Energy Healing
This is our hands on inner energy healing method that has been used either directly or indirectly by the Grand Masters or Great Gurus all over the world. You will surprised that this type of knowledge has helped millions of people regardless of age, gender, race or religion. More will be explained while you’re having the Urut Batin session with our trained masseur him/herself. You shouldn’t have missed this golden opportunity!
d)Free consultation by the expert
You will be professionally scanned (energy scan) and advised on treatments for your illness(es) whether it is physical, emotional, spiritual or mental type of disorder. You could not resist this!
e)Proven lime bath therapy
You just need to bring 21 limes for this purpose and leave the rest to us. This theraphy is our trademark theraphy that has helped many to heal from various diseases. It is filled with energies that will expel negative energies from your body and fill it later with the positive ones. Now, can you ask for more?
This package is exclusive of transportation cost to your own place/home. Please consult further for complete details.

f)Where will my treatment be performed?
In the privacy of your own home or hotel or at our centre. The treatment should ideally be performed on a firm surface, either a firm mattress or on a cushioned mat on the floor. g)How often should I have treatment? Depending on your individual anatomy systems, results can be effective with weekly treatments. For real sexual stamina and an increase in visible size (girth & length) to take place, a minimum of a session to about 3 sessions are normally observed PROVIDED that you have to follow all the necessary exercises as well as other recommendations by the massage therapist.
h)What is your rate for a session of the "proven" Urut Batin theraphy?
Length of a session : 2.5 hrs
1st Session : RM350 2nd Session : RM300 3rd & Consecutive Sessions : RM250 You will be satisfied, that is our guarantee, if God wills. To book, please contact us immediately.

Where would you like to have it?
Please state hotel & room no.

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