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Urut Batin : The General Procedure

I have local and overseas clients of all age groups, with both genders and multi races with their different religions respectively. So far I have no problem dealing with all of them since my approach is for all mankind. Due to the fact that I have recently made my Urut Batin therapy open for all those categories as mentioned above, hereby I will provide some details on the general procedure of the inner energy massage or well known as the Urut Batin. If the information is still not sufficient here, please read my related articles as at qalbunasrar and syamsiatulanwar.

Where ever the venue is, I will come with my standard, common and comfy attire, and not naked while performing the massage as many would think so. This is not about sex, this is about therapy. From the start to the end I will still put my clothes on off course. If the client needs more privacy and also if by doing so, he/she can put more concentration on the massage positively or get more connected to the healing energy by the practitioner, his/her company can still be in the same room but some private space or section should be given to the client so that the session will run effectively. Upon consent by the client, I will sometimes bring along my student/s and he/she will be involved in the session too.

The client will have his/her bath treatment (lime/floral) first. I will provide some assistance in some cases just in case if the client initially needs to be relaxed and calmed. Having finished that, then the massage therapy will start. Optionally, the client will need to wear undergarments and a towel covering her from chest to thigh. For massage, I will simply use my fingers, knuckles, palms with aromatic massage oil to her body, adjusting to the client comfort level with bearable pain and of acceptable pressure to the body.

Firstly, the client will need to lie on the stomach and I will massage him/her starting at his/her back from head to toe, whereby all areas will be covered including the buttocks. When I found any problematic areas such as any irregular and blocked blood vessels, damaged tissues or problematic nerves that contain trapped wind or fluid (a mixture of fatty deposit, other liquid, damaged cells or tissues, toxin, negative energy and et cetera), I will put more massage concentration with positive energies on that particular areas until they soothes out and be healed. Thus healing process happens. I'll be communicating with him/her (if he/she wants it) throughout the session. Some of my clients prefer the other way round, whatsoever we will adjust to the best approach.

Secondly, he/she will lie on his/her back, and I will massage him/her again from head to toe, not missing any area including the genitals. In some cases, my female clients still wore their undergarments implying that their breasts and vagina's were not to be touched and this happened to male clients too, they were a bit shy to let their penises to be touch. My suggestion is that if we need help, then we should promote a feeling of openness to our thinking. Just like a male gynecologist who attends to a women or when she is delivering a child.  Professionally that is his job as a doctor and he knows about the topic. But as I mentioned earlier and in all my websites, I am not gay and will not do any gay activities and I am normal who have straight tendency  but I will not have sex with my female clients. Should I have done so, I have misused my professional position  as an energy healer and thus jeopardized my practice and trust by acting wrongly. I am still making sure that those will not happen.

My recommendation is that the client should remove all clothes because during the massage, all private areas will not be exposed unless necessary. We have extra towels for this purpose. My objective will be that the client will not feel inconvenient or uncomfortable at any moment of the session. I have many variations on my clients’ body postures that will just work with the massage I am giving. We will adopt what will be the best posture during the session.

This is my trademark therapy called the 'Urut Batin' which means the 'Inner Energy Massage'. We try to heal our body, mind and soul by this way. It can be very relaxing and will provide therapeutic experience for the client. It depends on how we accept and understand it. Some can even say it is just like or identical or close to any variation of sensual massage or even lingham/yoni massage but off course with no sex. Some will say that the Urut Batin is just ‘One Of Its Kind’, and by the way the client will make the judgement later.

And for sure, I just want to mention to you here, that those with high sex drive (high desire/libido) will easily get 'wet' and 'any uncontrolled release' will not actually intended or be the goal but if it happens then  it will be accepted as common when any erogenous/sensitive zones are touched/the client has uncontrolled sexual emotion. The condition is that it is not the intention or otherwise I am not willing to to the therapy.  When we (body, mind and soul) know how to control our sexual desire by not just focusing on the 'climax' or  'release' or 'discharge' for instance when we are having sex or massage, then we can master the long lasting  art.or the stamina.

I will just mention again that those treatable problems with Urut Batin are premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction, low sex drive, vaginal prolapse, trapped wind,  blood circulation problem, lymphatic drainage for release of toxins and unwanted fluid in the body, problematic nervous system, fatigue body and mind, apart of the virgin therapy (to become tight again), to relief stress, back pain and other emotional, mental or spiritual problems that have got to do with sexuality. My point is that whatever the name is, or approach is, our objective is simple : To Get To Know Ourselves Better Through Urut Batin.

I will share with the client some sexual tips, some recommendations and even some daily routine practice for his/her body, mind and soul health respectively. He/She will feel the positive changes (energy), and that is my intention at the 2nd level. When we can feel the energy, we are ready to go to the next level. At this stage it might be identical to the term 'Kundalini Energy' that comes from the lower spine and then move spirally up to the head. After that, there is more! I will explain the other level only to those who took the Urut Batin Therapy. Learning consistently one step at a time and follow the practitioner guideline might be the best and moderate way until we achieve our goal.

Urut Batin : An Energy Experience By A Friend

Here, I am very pleased to share with you an experience by a client and also a friend of mine from Canada. His religion is Christian and he had 'Urut Batin' with me recently. This will hopefully give some proof of the benefits of the therapy that we might have not seen. I will just copy and paste our actual conversations through chatting.

Friend : I don't recall if I told you already but, that night after you left, I went to sleep as usual and then, about 4 hours later woke with a trembling in my body. It was as though the vibrating energy that you finished with was affecting me all over. It was a bit similar to a caffeine dose on an empty stomach. No reoccurences since. Any thoughts?

Me : It has been and will always be my privilege to share what I have learnt and practiced in the world of self discoveries. I really thank to the almighty God for meeting us together, and certainly this will be the start point of our friendship in particular and our relationships to God in general. We have the core inside us ie the spirituality which is very close to God, regardless on however we have knew it or not. So our task is simply (and yet it may not be that simple) to reveal our spiritualities (note that now the expression is plural) that are trapped/prisoned inside our physical bodies that surely have the emotions or emotional beings. And if it's that simple as acclaimed by anyone who claimed it, how is it going to work? We have to make use of our thoughts (mental beings) to comprehend this. And truly speaking, one needs to believe (have faith) through his heart and also to think (have thought) through his brain, mind. Optionally one can simple use either of the 2 to construct a way to God. Aha this is weird/may not be weird.

This proves that we do have many routes to a final, fixed destination. It can be described as an emotional-spirituality transition phase and it happended due to the synchronization of your present energy with respect to God's energy. You know, birds of a feather flock together, and our spiritualites act that way too. I have heard with many experiences like you did and this is really amazing. Keep up with the breathing menthods we've shared with earlier and we're therefore on our very own journeys towards the emptyness. Some years ago, I think I did have the same experience as you did. I woke up in the middle of my sleep with the feeling of tremendous energy in my chest, and the vibrational energy has made me very calm although only God knew what it was like. I was hoping-expecting-surrendering myself to the weird occurence. I didn't know what happended until it was explained by my guru years later, as I got some progress with my self journey. Not that I had to prove myself to him so that he can give me some input, but just merely the time has come to tell the truth.

The truth is, please strive towards the kundalini energy( I use this terms as these are among the famous terms in the world). Many can talk and tell theories behind the kundalini energy but only a few can speak through experience. And for me, everything must be proven. The energy spark was as that you have experienced, and now just use the spark towards the peak. 

 Friend : I am still trying to figure out how to understand the depth of meaning in both Hinduism and Buddhism (and Islam) for that matter. I really feel that the closer I get to God, the more inadequate all religion's attempts to rationalize God feel.

Me:   Yes, certainly we can have MANY ROUTES to a destination. the following will be related to the previous chats. we use our 5 senses in order to know the meaning of EMPTYNESS. sight relates to eyes, hearing relates to ears, touch relates to movement, smell relates to nose and taste relates to mouth. we use our mouth to in many types of ritual we LISTEN to what we have recited. we use our nose for BREATHING. we use our hands as an example of MOVEMENT. for instance we may practise jujitsu as a method of synchronizing our movements to that of the pure movement, where we can find no defects and they can be reflected as form of arts. we use our sight to analyse what is to SEE out there. 

Just by applying the above examples, we can differentiate techniques that exist in the world. and they are actually leading to the existence of God. but first, how do we connect to God just by knowing the above facts? simple, it is just a matter of connecting our SPIRITUALITIES to God. what is our spiritualities and who is God?

So, what we've shared actually the reciting-hearing method and the breathing method, but we have not covered the movement and the sighting method yet. these are the 5 techniques that i use, regardless of the names we applied to them. and this answers on why we can have many routes in life, just to get connected to God, that is ABOVE ALL LIKENESS. or the state of emptyness. or the state where no states are like it.
Religion is a way to God. in a religion, we use our heart to believe, and so it may be called as sets of beliefs or FAITH. we use our brain to think, and so we have THOUGHT. one may use both, or simple choose either. aha this is very interesting indeed! this will be explored later and is related to all our discussions.

Regardless of how we call it, of how we name it, of ow we mention it, we just need to find our own ways to God. as a simple analogy, one can use a ship from India to Canada. one might just use  a jet. and one might just walk, yes and off course, through the continents and so on.

Kegel Exercises For Both Men & Women

The Kegel (or Kegal) exercises were created in 1948, by Dr. Arnold Kegel to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles (they support your urethra, rectum, bladder and uterus). First they were created for women but now there are also Kegel exercises for men which can help you improve self-control during sex.

PC muscles control the flow of semen and urine, the firmness of your penis during erection and the shooting power of your ejaculation. They are important, and if kept very strong, will see you into your golden years with a fantastical hard on. The great thing about Kegel exercises for men is that you can do them anywhere, anytime and nobody will know the difference.

The exercise is also recommended for treating prostate pain and swelling that result from benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) and prostatitis, or inflammation of the prostate gland. It is used as a first step for treating urinary incontinence. It may be beneficial for reducing pre-mature ejaculation, and other sexual benefits have been reported. Overall, the exercise is good for you.

To begin, you must first be able to find your PC muscle. For women, the best way to find your PC muscle is to insert one finger into the vagina and try to squeeze down around your finger. When you feel your muscles tightening around your finger you're squeezing your PC muscle. You may also feel a kind of lifting in that area as you squeeze and then a dropping down as you release. Another common suggestion is to stop the flow of urine while you're peeing. The muscles you use to do that are part of the PC muscle group. Doing this often or for prolonged periods of time isn't a good idea though, so if you're able to user your finger that's the recommended route. For men, you can do this during urination. Once your flow begins, try to stop it completely. The muscle that you feel tightening is the PC muscle. If you are able to do that, you’ve found the right muscle. If you are not, then our massage therapist at KL Urut Batin can provide you assistance over the matter.

In order to improve strength of the muscle, you use a “squeeze, hold, release” pattern. You squeeze the muscle, hold for several seconds, and release. Gradually, you would like to be able to build up to a hold of 10 seconds, repeating the “squeeze, hold, and release” ten times. Experiment with how long you can comfortably hold a squeeze. My suggestion is don't push over your own limit ie over the point of pain or discomfort, because you'll not get the positive outcome. Let it be gradually and naturally.

The 1st Variation : Long Kegel exercises

1)Squeeze your PC muscles shut as tightly as you can and hold them so for as long as you can. For a beginner, just start with 10 seconds. Then relax your muscles completely for 10 seconds.
2)Repeat for a total of 10 times.
3)Do this from 2-5 times a day.

The 2nd Variation : Short Kegel exercises

1)Squeeze and hold for one second, then relax completely for one second.
2)Repeat for a total of 10 times.
3)Do this from 2-5 times a day.

Again, by putting the laziness factor aside (since you can't just sit there and do nothing while waiting for the miracle to happen). When you perform the exercise correctly, you should be able to feel or see the testicles lift. This takes time for some men. But, if you practice the routine regularly, you should notice an improvement in 1-2 weeks, however it is still depending on your individual health state. The best thing is that they require no special equipment, although several aids are available, including Peristal, Prostate Massager, Betty's Barbell, Smartballs, Kegelcisor and many more.

Last but not least, the same pelvic muscles are also involved in the ejaculation process. The contraction of the pelvic muscle (remember pubococcygeus) forces the ejaculate or seminal fluid from your prostate gland. Yes, these exercises were designed for women, but men can also benefit from the same exercises since they can help men to gain control over the premature ejaculation. For best results, use also the proper breathing method and the healing hands method by KL Urut Batin. Simply consult your therapist now.

Anal Sex

Most religions are against anal sex except of those found in Kamasutra whereby it's alright in some circumstances such as threesomes! This is also called as "sodomy", which includes various other transgressions of a sexual nature, whether with men, women or animals. This idea is vividly brought to life in the popular interpretation of the story of Sodom and Gomorrah so far as Abrahamic religions are concerned, where the people were prone to sexual immorality, and as a result were destroyed. There are conflicting views as to why Sodom was destroyed. Yet for some men, anal sex can yield more tactile pleasure for the penis, the anus is believed (by them) to being tighter than the vagina.

Why men prefer to have anal sex even though the risk is high for the giver and staggeringly higher for the receiver? I think that they just don't know the actual facts by ignoring their mind capabilities of reasoning, judging and rationalizing. Things can be somehow a bit messy in most cases though, you know what I meant off course. A dumping ground is where the rubbish or mess is available. Analogically, putting a playground at a dumping ground is not rationally a good idea. And that is why a dumping ground will always not be a playground even though it is cleaned when you need to play! For hygienic reasons, they use enemas or anal douches, be taken prior to anal masturbation. But using enemas too frequently can lead to a physical dependence on them in order to have a bowel movement, however.

Here we can see that emotional factors have won in the plight of finding the pleasure through just anal sex. Their emotions will suggest them that anal sex sounds "dirty" and many people wanted to try something new out, just for the sake of being egoistic in the matter. But why not fix the loose vaginal problem in the first place?

The attitude of men/women towards anal sex is rather diverse. SOme women find it very pleasing and even prefer it to vaginal intercourse while others consider it painful or uncomfortable, . Even with a condom and lubricant, the objective medical risks of being anally penetrated outweigh the subjective pleasure. In heterosexual encounters, the risk to the receiver is greater than the risk for the giver. Many believed that anal sex is held to carry a very low risk of unwanted pregnancy when not accompanied with vaginal intercourse, and in some populations is frequently used as a means of contraception, often in the absence of a condom. Still I think, emotional factors have won again this way. On the other hand,a man may also be anally penetrated by a woman using a strap-on dildo to anally penetrate a man. This is referred to as pegging. The woman will act as she is enjoying it, but rather in the emotional way, not physically though she might looked like it. And as usual the probability of a getting an infection at least or tear and further internal bleeding that will surely produce any disease, can occur in the anus of the receiver.

Anal sex is taking place in a climate of reduced sex education and fewer educational media outlets, leading to a lowered awareness of the health risks involved. Yes, we need to be physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually healthy. For example, many are not aware that the risk of injury during anal intercourse is many times higher than that during vaginal sex. Also, the risk for transmission of the HIV virus or any other Sexually Transmitted Disease (STD) is higher for anal sex than for vaginal sex. Apart from that physical damage to the rectum and anus can manifest as generalized ano-rectal trauma, hemorrhoids, anal
fissures and rectal prolapse. So guys, don't take the risk and please get back to the right path, way or track ok!

Increase Women's Libido

A recent survey (conducted by the University of Chicago) of American women (ages 18-59) found that the most common sexual problem in women is hypoactive sexual desire disorder (HSDD), more commonly referred to as low sex drive or libido.

Is it harder to "get in the mood?" Do you sometimes feel that you could care less if you ever have sex again? A woman's sex drive can fluctuate and even seem to disappear altogether for a variety of reasons, including menopause, lack of exercise, weight gain, childbirth, side effects from medication, stress & fatigue, moodiness and hormone replacement therapy.

Many women begin to suffer from a decrease in libido for many reasons as they get older. Most of the causes are due to stress, work, childbirth, and aging. This is an example of a common real life situation happen to many couples today.

One time, my husband was really frustrated because when he was “ready”, his wife told him, “I’m not in the mood, sorry.” They ended up the night just going to sleep.

It will be really hard to maintain a healthy sexual relationship if we keep on ignoring the problem as the above. For women, even though there are so many products that promise to enhance their sex life, but surely there are many scams and so many products that do not work as promised. Just find on the internet to look for the best solution. One may have left the point that a genuine Yoni Tantra massage might have help her a lot. In Kuala Lumpur the same apple is call “epal” and the same analogy applies to the Yoni Tantra massage regardless how you pronounce the phrase.

Just being straight to the point, with the Yoni Tantra massage alike or sexual enhancement massage, if best performed by her husband, then she will have nothing to loose. The method has been found working for many and one must truly go deep to the core energy levels to really bring the truth of the sexual energy.
Besides that, if natural theraphy is concerned, here are the main, natural ingredients to increase one’s libido :
- Agnus Castus – this is a type of berry that helps alleviate reproductive disorders in both men and women.
- Onosmodium Viginianum – this has been clinically proven to increase libido.
- Ignatia Amara – this helps to relief stress and calm mood swings so you can get in the mood for intercourse.

Lastly, you can try the any of the sexual enhancement massage versions available in the present day but please look for the genuine ones and by the genuine therapists. And you can just find the ingredients as described above. Seek help from the therapists or be a therapist yourself for the benefit of you and your partner in particular.

Couples Massage : The Current Trend?

Most probably the current trend and market demand now is that people would like to have couples massage. Usually two people are massaged in the same room, at the same time, by two different therapists. It can be a husband and wife, girlfriend and boyfriend, or even moms and daughters sometimes or best friends and even same sex partners. But it can also be done by only a therapist, so that when one is having the massage, the other one can just observe or can also take part in the massage session. This is to provide a better connection physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. Well some prefer this way but some don't, maybe due to privacy factor even though they are close together.

Mentioning "same sex partners" above have made me to elaborate a little bit of the expression here. They can be either lesbians or gays. In Kuala Lumpur, there are  also places for gays/lesbians but you will not find it at my place because I do not offer gay type activities and so on. Many gay/lesbian therapists do advertise in their websites, blogs, forums, bulletins and etc and we can hardly differentiate them with the rests. I bring up this matter because in our culture, and especially when my massage therapy is concerned, there's nothing wrong with it and it is normal for an adult man to seek treatment for any of his sexual problems, by means of this therapy. I am also act as a healer to provide the treatment for all irrespective of religion, ethnic or gender. I think in the another culture, when manhood theraphy is being said, they will have the first impression as that of their thought "aha...this is another gay stuff". Nevertheless, they might just represent the minority of all people seeking the massage treatment only. I just wanted to make people aware of this fact. Okay, we'll continue with couples massage.

At most places, couples massage is a massage that takes place in a couples suite. At the very least this is a room large enough for two massage tables. Some spas, especially big resort and hotel spas have elaborate amenities for couples with fireplaces, pedicure chairs, steam showers and lounging beds where you can relax together after your treatments. Some romantic spas have different couples suites to accommodate the demand. As for couples massage etiquette, it's fine to talk to each other through the massage if you want, or be quiet the whole time. It's really up to you. Not every spa, especially smaller day spas , will offer couples massage.

Couples massage is a great way to introduce a partner who has never gotten a massage before in a way that makes them feel more comfortable the first time. Some men/women are apprehensive about getting a massage because of the nudity involved, and to have their wife or girlfriend there is reassuring.They will usually discover that therapeutic touch is very relaxing and restorative. Once they experience a couples massage, they are more willing to book a massage on their own. It can also be a good choice if you're traveling with someone you don't get to see often enough as for an example a sister, girlfriend, mom or best friends. The main concern is that you want to spend as much time together as possible. Some experienced spa-goers find it distracting to be in the same room at the same time with anyone else during a massage. They prefer to get their massage alone and then meet up afterwards. The potential problems come if you have different expectations and needs during a massage, particularly if one person wants to zone out and the other likes to talk.

The price of couples massage depends on the place where you get it and is usually double the price of an individual massage. It is at least double the cost of a regular massage. It will start at RM150 per person at KL Urut Batin and it can go much higher if you are getting the use of special indoor/outdoor facilities at resort and hotel spas. Tipping to the massage therapist/masseur is not a must/compulsary but it can be given as a token of appreciation for the service.

Relaxation Massage VS Therapeutic Massage VS Relaxation & Therapeutic Massage

So now we have Traditional Body Massage and Sexual Enhancement Massage. How do we differentiate them in the first place? We might say that the former is more relaxing and the latter is towards therapeutic. But they actually can be both relaxing and therapeutic at the same time. For some people massage therapy is an occasional treat, usually at the day spa around a holiday, birthday or on vacation. Other clients of massage therapy may receive a therapeutic massage weekly for chronic health conditions such as headaches or back pain. Massage is even used for relief from cancer treatment symptoms.

A relaxation massage is a smooth, flowing style that promotes general relaxation, improves circulation and range of movement, and relieves muscular tension. The massage therapist will use light to medium pressure, depending on the client’s preference, and the intent of the session is to help the client relax. This type of massage is often performed in a day spa or resort. Spa add-on treatments might include a paraffin hand treatment, a sea salt or sugar body scrub, or a mud or cream application to the body. Relaxation massage might be scheduled as part of a half-day package and the client might also plan to receive a facial, pedicure or haircut in the same visit.

Therapeutic effects do not only apply to medications, drugs or supplements, perhaps because pharmacology approaches are more often more rigorously evaluated by comparison with placebo treatments (cause the patient to believe the treatment will change his/her condition and this belief may produce a subjective perception of a therapeutic effect, causing the patient to feel their condition has improved). It applies to any treatment approach, including surgery, physical therapy, psychotherapy, treatment with compounds, faith healing, hypnosis, holistic methods and etc. that is any method of which one can conceive.

Therapeutic massage sessions are setup quite differently from a spa massage. It is paramedical treatment that helps to restore function to injured "soft tissues" (muscles, tendons and ligaments). Therapy may involve the use of various types of massage, as well as a range of other physical treatments to assist your recovery. In addition, you may be asked to perform some activities at home to assist the process of recovery. The setting may be a clinic, hospital or private practice office. A first time client may spend extra time at his or her session to complete a very thorough intake form detailing current and past health complaints. This type of session may retain a large relaxation element to it but advanced techniques are likely to be used for pain and chronic health issues. A therapeutic or clinical massage practitioner will see a client very frequently for the first few weeks or months. This might include half hour massages three times a week, or weekly hour massages for a couple of months. Advanced techniques such as deep tissue massage and trigger point therapy may be used in a more clinical setting.

Apart from all that we have discussed above, here at  KL Urut Batin you can experience both relaxing and therapeutic massage at the same time with our experienced therapist. Just tell what your problems are and we'll try to manage them accordingly. Towards a healthy mind, body and spirit.

The Levels Of Beliefs And Practicality In Urut Batin

Practical means that what we acquired through practice or action, rather than theory, speculation or just talk. On the other hand, we may have only theories, but have not yet been proven. If a person does that, then it implies he has not yet practice any of what he has mentioned. Neither he nor his speech will reflect what he said and at the end, it will be worthless as we can find many unproven theories on this earth. For instance, how do we practice the Ilmu Nafas Asrar (Asrar Power Breathing) or the Ilmu Tangan Penyembuh (Asrar Healing Hands) and ensure that they will work according to the objectives? Here we will discuss the consecutive “levels” further with regard to the “Urut Batin” respectively. So will this section be the description of the 1st level? Yes, you are 100% correct.

In order to comprehend the 2nd level, we will need to investigate more on real life cases or stories that we know by means of words of mouth, through the internet or by whatever means they might be. I am telling you a story as the following example. One day, a guy named John approached you and told that he was surrounded by a number of wild, fierce dogs at a nearby area. Thinking that they would attack and wound him, he remembered a survival phrase once told by a religious man to him. Then desperately, he recited the phrase “Ar Raqi” aloud to the beastly dogs, hoping that it would scare them off and save his life. Amazingly, with Gods power, they were instantly terrified and ran away in all directions. The hard-to-believe situation has increased John’s belief towards the application of the phrase because he has seen the result when using it. No one on this planet or universe would change or alter John’s mindset towards this matter since he has prove the usability and the end result of the phrase. This is an example of a belief we intend to achieve by means of a practice, and hence we may call the knowledge is practical. John has been to the 3rd level belief on the subject. If we belief the story then we are now at the 2nd level and further to achieve the next level when we have the chance to prove it, as John did.

The 3rd level is the proven level of any matters in concerned. One has met the truth of any knowledge or lesson he learnt. If those who practice the two Asrar knowledge have felt the variations of the energy with the aid of any of their known senses, namely the hearing, sight, taste, smell and touch including the thought and belief, then they have actually been to the 2nd level (This subject will also be discuss in the next article), so please be patient). The proof they need is just the result that will appear, in its own time with respect to their own visible or invisible bodies’ condition, and/or also as what has been earlier described and advised by the Qalbun Asrar practitioner. If they have become better, then that is the proof.

The 4th level will have the analogy of the sun and its sunshine, the Oneness and Above All Likeness of the deity named God in the seen and unseen UNIVERSE.

What actually is "Urut Batin"?

I write this very subject due to many queries on it. One may have heard of its pros and contras. Many also may have misinterpreted the "Urut Batin" terms such that it has something to do with any illegal escort services and massage parlours. I have also mentioned a little bit of it HERE. Not to blame them, but in this case the actual term was misused and are being misused for such activities in order to attract visitors and victims, and by so it has got its place in people's mindset nowadays. In this short post however, I will try to clear matters up to everyone, from my points of view off course.

If translated to English, it is a massage to help improve one's virility in terms of stamina enhancement and penis enlargement, and to be younger and tighter again for women. For men, there will be no more issues on erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation. For women, more femininity off course. There will be no more loose vagina, bladder and vaginal prolapse problems. I will elaborate more on there in the near future. Even without the aid of any medications allopathically or homeopathically, it has proved for all the years that I have involved in treating many people, regardless of ethnics and religions. So what's the logic or secret behind the genuine therapy of the "Urut Batin"?

Well, in order to perform the "Urut Batin", one need to know the well known, proven technics that have been used by Qalbun Asrar practitioner and massage therapist. They are known as the Ilmu Nafas Asrar (Asrar Inner Power Breathing) and Ilmu Tangan Penyembuh Asrar (Asrar Healing Hands). From my humble opinion, they have almost met the state of perfection due to their track records so far. The special technics are actually taught for free for every session of the massage. Over the years, the technics have evolved and developed on their own paces, and have been later on concluded, named and taught to those who have the therapy session. Those who know these technics might not even realized that the others might not have the same variation or version as what they have. Again, why are there many variations of the technics? Shouldn't they be just the same? Simply, the knowledge is meant to blend well with one's personality and characteristics either physically, emotinally, mentally or spiritually. Then hopefully, with the correct mixture, the outcome will be at its best. For those who just need to be healed and get healthy again, they will get that. And for those who are still thirsty for more and have the curiosity in mind and heart, they can always learn from any of our our COURSES.

Here, I will always try to put everything in simple terms and words as far as I could. This is a very interesting question regarding knowledge. We know because we use our thought, which happened to be located in our brain and we use our heart to believe in something. But any application of our thought and belief to the things that we comprehend involves many levels or stages. Many at this point are still questioning on what am I getting at actually. It is acceptable to get blurred or to be confused, but one with a superior mind and heart, or thought and belief, will always be curious, will always question himself/herself and try to figure out the answers to almost everything, if I should say it this way. I will explain on why there exists so many levels of the "Urut Batin" and its knowledge in the following article.

Urut Selepas Bersalin

Rawatan urut selepas bersalin yang kami sediakan adalah meliputi pakej lengkap jagaan ibu selepas bersalin. Antara perkhidmatan yang terdapat dalam pakej ini adalah seperti berikut :- • Bertungku selepas bersalin • Urut seluruh badan • Berbengkung kepada ibu • Bertangas • Mandian Herba kepada ibu selepas urut Rawatan ini di jalan di rumah pesakit (ibu yang bersalin). Caj rawatan termasuk kos perjalanan / tol perawat. Caj Pakej :- • 3 hari - RM360 • 5 hari - RM540 • 7 hari - RM750 • 15 hari - RM1,620 • 1 bulan - RM3,200 Syarat-syarat: • Hubungi kami untuk temujanji, sebaiknya temujanji di lakukan awal untuk perawat kami mengatur jadual rawatan • Pakej ini bergantung kepada jadual / masa perawat.